I was listening to this podcast last night and in it Glennon spoke about the roles she plays once the family wakes up, and this is why she liked writing first thing in the morning. This idea of roles stuck out to me. I definitely play roles in my life. And the thing about these roles is that they’re often given to you without you realising. And if you don’t stop to question it you’ll carry on in these roles that you’ve not chosen.

A Loving Wife

A key example of this for me is the role of wife. I’ve been married since 2015 and I can see how, since then, this role of wife has subtly started to alter my behaviour. I’m a firm believer the reason I have such a strong relationship with my husband was because, when we started dating, I had clear goals, desires and boundaries in place. But, since we’ve been married my clear intentions have been slowly replaced by our goals and desires as a couple. And they’ve started taking priority over my individual needs.

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