Beautifully Balance Life Review May 2017

May just flew by! What with having a holiday, it’s finished before I’ve even got my head into the game! Lets get on with the Beautifully Balanced Life Review for the month:

Physiological Needs

I’ve better met these needs this month. Taking the step back from the business (in last month’s review) allowed me to realise how much I’d been ignoring them. I’d been letting the business take over and the stress and lack of boundaries has massively impacted on how healthy I’m feeling.

The downtime on holiday helped, allowing me to sleep and rest lots. It was one of those laze around by the pool, reading books and doing nothing type holidays. Very much what we needed. The weather was great and I came back feeling energised and ready to face the world again.

Since we’ve been back I’ve been prioritising exercise, making time to cycle on our stationary bike and getting back to horse riding. The physiotherapy has confirmed there’s nothing structurally wrong with my knee, I simply need to focus on building up strength to reduce the pain. This means lots of squats and lunges alongside the more cardio elements of my exercise. This, along with the insoles, seems to be working a dream to sort my knee pain out. I can now walk Baxter without any pain, which after nearly 10 months of limping is a revelation.

As well as focusing on the exercise I’ve decided to join Slimming World. I debated whether or not to share this here, as weight loss is such a tricky subject. As you know, I’m all about doing what is best for you, not what you think you should be doing. And I’m all about being completely transparent and honest. Right now what is best for me is to lose some weight. This is a decision I’ve made for myself, not because I think I have to be a certain size. It’s an important part of my journey so I didn’t want to not talk about it with you.

I’ve chosen to join Slimming World as I need some support and accountability. I know so much about healthy eating and different options it’s become overwhelming (I actually debated becoming a health coach before deciding to train as a life coach!) I needed someone to hand me a plan and keep me accountable for longer than a week. Everyone I know who does Slimming World raves about it, so I’m going to try it.

Relationship Needs

Holiday gave Dave and I the chance to spend 10 full days in each others company, which was great. I’m fortunate enough to have a husband who is also one of my best friends and we love having long conversations and generally being together. All this extra time together just allows us to do more of that, so it’s no bad thing.

Side bar: If that ⬆️ made you feel a little bit sick / annoyed / frustrated:

  1. I don’t care!
  2. I think that’s how relationships need to be. If you’re going to spend THE REST OF YOUR LIFE (which, lets face it, is more likely to be a long one) with someone, it needs to be with someone you enjoy the company of and can talk to. And I mean talk to about anything and everything.

If it made you feel jealous / envious / hopeful:

  1. Get in touch and lets discuss how you can get a bit more of it in your own life.

As well as lots of quality time with the hubby I’ve also been reconnecting to my friends. Stepping away from the business made me realise this was another area I’d been letting slide. I’m quite introverted by nature and happy in my own company, therefore it doesn’t take much for me to meet this need. But when things are difficult this can become detrimental, as I pull away and revert into my own shell. I’ve been making more of an effort to reach out to my close friends, and have managed to see one of my best friends twice this month and I met a few different friends for dinner. I’ve also been chatting to more of the people I’ve met online through the business to grow those connections.

The two bank holiday weekends were spent with family at birthday parties, one for my brother-in-law and the other for our nephew, who turned 1. Not bad considering we were away for nearly half the month!

Beautifully Balanced Life Review May 2017

Waiting for the train selfie on route to meet a friend

Self-Esteem Needs

The learning and growth has continued this month. I think that’s obvious from the changes I’ve made in the above two needs categories. I continue to work hard on connecting to my intuition and make decisions that feel good to me, not simply ones I think I ‘should’ be making. These things are all little steps to help me get my self-respect back in place. I still have wobbles, but I can feel my self-esteem growing every day.

As well as the changes mentioned in this post I’ve also created a new weekly timetable/schedule for me & Dave. On Sundays we’re sitting down together and mapping out the week ahead. Lack of consistency and stability has been a consistent theme for the two of us recently. He’s currently juggling 4 different work contracts, so it’s hard to know if he’s coming or going sometimes. Having it down in a plan really helps us know what we’re both up to, and allows us to have clearer boundaries in our life. It has reduced the decision making load as well, as we know what we’re doing on any given day so can just do it. We’ve also built unplanned chill time into the plan, to make sure we’re not over extending ourselves.

Higher Purpose Needs

Things are still a work in progress on this front. I’m writing a lot, both for myself and for my business. I’m trying to focus on what feels right to me, and see what themes come out of the process as I go. One thing that has happened this month, which I’m super stoked about, it the renaming of my group. I started a Facebook group a couple of month’s ago, and I just wasn’t connecting to it. The name felt wrong, and I felt pressure to be there and be talking about specific things. And then one day, when looking through a book the name came to me. It instantly felt so right, so I got to work changing everything. The new name is *drum roll*

Beautifully Balanced Life Review May 2017

It feels so right. My mum is always telling me how, as a child, I would always want to do things my way. And that’s what a lot of message is about, you doing things your way. Now I have a name and vibe that feels so right for me I’m going to be focusing on offering more value and training in the group. This still isn’t a fully developed plan, but I’m trusting I’ll work it out as I go! If you want to join me on this journey I’d love to see you there.

My Goals

I’ve decided to not list my goals here this month, as I’m about to review them. After everything that’s happened, I feel the need to go back to the goals I set in January and see if they’re still relevant to what I want. I’m actually going to be doing this as part of the free training in The Rebel’s Hub. I’m going to offer all the group members access to the goal setting worksheet I use for setting my goals, and then running through how to use it in a live video TONIGHT (01/06/17 at 6pm BST).

Beautifully Balanced Life Review May 2017





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