Beautifully Balanced Life March

How was your March? Are you enjoying having more light in the evenings? I’m enjoying the lighter evenings, but not the confusing weather. One day it’s like spring has sprung, then the next it’s back to winter again.

Basic Physiological Needs

I could’ve better looked after my physiological needs this month. Over the course of the month I’ve started to show my normal symptoms of exhaustion and stress. I get really tired, a lot of brain fog and sore throats + ear ache. Not a great combination. I’m making sure I get to bed early, but I’m not sleeping well. I either have a busy brain when I go to bed or wake up in the early hours and start thinking lots, both preventing sleep.

My food choices also haven’t been great, and I’ve been less inclined to exercise. I’ve managed to work out most weeks, just not as consistently as I would like. I’m getting plenty of walks with Baxter though. But I’m not letting this stuff stress me out, as I don’t think it helps with energy levels.

I’m trying to schedule more relaxation into my life, more downtime. This includes baths, reading my book and time off social media. It definitely needs more focus though in the coming month.

Relationship Needs

Dave & I started the month off in Barcelona. We went for a long weekend, and had a wonderful time. I love the relaxed time travelling offers us. Time to just be together and talk about anything and everything. We also met up with Dave’s cousin who’s moved to Spain. I was in awe of her new lifestyle, and that she took the leap to live the life she wanted to.

Beautifully Balanced Life March: Barcelona Selfie

Barcelona Selfie

It’s been a full month of family time. As well as seeing Dave’s cousin, we had his dad and step-mum stay with us for a weekend, my parents to visit at the same time, my sisters and I had a weekend together with a spa trip and I went back to my parents for Mother’s Day. It’s a lot of family, and has been a bit manic.

As well as all the family time, I travelled to London to meet with my besties for a day of cocktails and shopping. I always love time with them, which is why I’ve started bullying them to both move closer to me! Am I caring friend or what?!?!

Beautifully Balanced Life March Selfie

Waiting for a Train Selfie

I’ve also had some great calls this month with some great peeps I’ve met through my business. It feels like I’m starting to grow a network of people who are in a similar position as me, which is good after last month’s reflections.

I’ve also started my own community on Facebook. I’m really looking forward to growing it, and using it as a place to offer inspiration and encouragement for you all to put your needs first.

Self-Esteem Needs

I’ve busted out of the business comparison/negativity trap fully this month. I started working with a new business coach, who helped lift a lot of the blocks I was having in just one session. It has been super energising and motivating. It’s teaching me a lot and definitely helping me grow.

One thing that my coach has encouraged me to do is daily journaling. I find journaling such a powerful way to practice self-care, and it has helped me a lot with recognising the signs of exhaustion I mentioned above.

Looking over the list of Self-Esteem Needs I’ve listed I could definitely do better with my boundaries, to help free up time to look after myself and stop the exhaustion. Most of the time, making time for yourself and your self-care will help improve your physiological needs as well. Something to focus on for April.

Higher Purpose Needs

Working with my business coach has helped me reconnect with why I started my business in the first place, and what I’m really passionate about. It has got me moving forward again after stalling a bit. I’ve created my new Facebook group, been sharing some awesome content there and have developed my bespoke coaching package. I also have a few exciting ideas in the pipeline, which I can’t wait to get out to you all.

I’m really proud of the articles I put out on the Ideal Balance Blog this month. OK, I’ll admit that the first one, Popular Reasons You Need Healthy Boundaries, probably isn’t the best thing I’ve ever done, but why rehash something that already exists! I stepped my game up after that with my articles on ways to free up more time, meet your self-esteem needs and a story about me. I’ve also stepped my social media game up. Come follow me online to get as much of my free content as possible. You can find me on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Over a pub lunch, with the most incredible pies (if you follow me on Instagram you would’ve seen them on my Insta story), Dave & I took time to reconnect on where we’re going. Dave has also been feeling a bit tired & stressed this month. His business is going from strength to strength, growing to the point it’s stretching him a lot. This has prompted us to review our shared goals, to check they still serve us, and to move towards a more simplified way of living. It’s nice to know that our larger expectations about the type of life we want to live match, and are well on route to being actualised.

My Goals

Have more consistency in my business, having a plan and outcomes, more clients, more one to one coaching.

The coaching is helping a lot with this. I have a list of daily activities to do, a lot of ideas percolating in my head, and lots of excitement about the direction I’m taking with this. I do want to experiment with more structure to my days by putting a rough timetable in place, to ensure I stop work and make time for relaxation consistently.

Feel light yet strong in my body, completing strength training sessions twice a week and a stretching session once a week minimum. I will be a dress size 12. I will feel confident in my body and strength.

I’m still going, but it feels somewhat slowly at the moment. I definitely feel like the size 12 element of this is very far off, but I’m focusing on the benefits of the exercise and eating food that makes me feel good. I’ve definitely noticed the difference now with my diet – I’m much more sensitive to sugary foods and have less desire to eat them. When people tell you they don’t want to eat sweet foods they’re not lying to you and themselves! Now if I eat something sugary I get a noticeable energy slump afterwards and don’t enjoy that at all.

Find more activities that bring me joy, through trying new things/reconnecting with activities.

My activity for this month had been to plant veg seeds ready for my vegetable patch. I bought courgette, chard and beetroot seeds. I haven’t bought the compost though, so they’re still sat there at the moment doing nothing. I’m looking forward to getting back to gardening though. Now the weather is improving I am keen to get out into the garden and work on it. There’s nothing more satisfying than knowing the vegetables you’re eating have been grown by you.

More quality time with Dave, regular date nights, make time to be intimate and go on 4 holidays together.

First holiday of the year, Barcelona, has happened. No date nights this month and not enough time together for our liking, but when we are together it has been great. Dave has some time booked off work coming up, to just be at home and chill so that’ll be nice.

Decorate the house.

Still no decorating. This month has been too busy! It’s not urgent, or going anywhere I guess.




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