Can you believe we’re heading into August already? July felt more like autumn than summer here in the UK, with lots of torrential rain. I’m sure this is very typical in the UK. Yet every year we expect it to be different and long for a full summer of sunshine. Lack of sunshine doesn’t bother me but I’ve had enough of dog walking in the rain!

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Physiological Needs

I feel like I’ve done a good job at meeting these needs this month. I’ve been sleeping well and getting into a groove with my routine. I wasn’t really aware how good my sleep was until we went to Devon for a week. We went back for a wedding and added in visits to Dave’s parents. And while I was there I didn’t get a single good night’s sleep. I was sleeping but didn’t feel refreshed when I woke up. Just shows the importance of the quality of your sleep, not just the quantity.

Sleep aside Devon was a nice break away from business stuff. I always love going there as we get to go on lots of amazing walks and to the beach. Taking Baxter to the beach is enjoyable, as he goes swimming and chases seaweed!

Beautifully Balance Life July 2017

Baxter at the beach

I’ve been consciously trying to increase my exercise, getting back to horse riding and cycling on our stationary bike. If you have any YouTube recommendations I’d greatly appreciate them as stationary cycling is much easier if I have something interesting to watch.

Relationship Needs

We spent a lot of July with Dave’s family at different events. It’s Dave’s birthday so it’s good to see everyone for that. As well as family time, we had some good social activities planned this month. We went to the wonderful wedding for two of Dave’s home friends. Weddings are one of the few opportunities for Dave’s home friends to all get together so they are always a good laugh. I also had plans for lunch and dinner with a range of different people.

This month I decided to look at building my local network a bit more. We’ve lived in Banbury for 8 months now and still haven’t really integrated into the community. It can be hard to do that when you spend so much time travelling to see other friends and family, and since I work for myself I don’t get any of the connection that comes from employment, so it can be pretty isolating at times.

I’ve started to develop some great business connections online but thought it was time to do the same in my local area. I was amazed by the response when I reached out to a local networking group asking if anyone wanted to meet for a coffee. I was expecting one or two people to respond but about 13 did. The first of these many meet ups I’ve arranged happened today, squeezing into my July. It went really well and we slipped into comfortable conversation quickly. It wasn’t that long ago that I wouldn’t even have considered going to this kind of thing, let alone being the person who instigates it.


Another roller-coaster month for me. There isn’t any movement on the job front which is frustrating. I’m not good at waiting for things to unfold. It gives my brain too much space for worrying and that’s never good.

When I’m in feeling uncertain I have a tendency to try and over compensate by planning everything else in my life! My thinking becomes black and white, a very unhelpful thought pattern. I’m trying to ride the waves, hold faith and hope that things will fall into place. They usually always do. How do you handle uncertainty in your life? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

On my good days, I’m still pushing myself to try new things and keep growing. I recorded a podcast interview with the wonderful Kezia for Whole & Healthy Live, which was both exciting and terrifying. It’s not out yet and I’m dreading hearing it back. I’m a real online thinker so often don’t know fully what I’ve said unless I hear it back. And hearing yourself back is never nice, is it?

As well as the interview, I’ve been focusing on my writing. I feel I’m really getting into a groove with it. My article on things to stop doing in your relationship got published by Thrive Global. Writing is something I want to continue developing; I certainly enjoy doing it. Sometimes I worry that it isn’t very good and no one wants to read it. But then I tell myself that doing it for my enjoyment is enough. And being published by Thrive Global is an indicator that someone else thinks my writing is ok! I also look at my Google analytics and can see that people are spending time my article on compromise suggesting they actually read it!

Higher Purpose

Last month I wrote that I wanted to keep pursuing and developing my business. This month I feel completely differently about it. I’m definitely passionate about the relationships stuff and stopping people from settling for bad ones. The coaching side of my business, however, isn’t appealing to me.

I can’t work out if that’s simply because I’m not doing a lot of coaching currently. I’ve not been looking for clients for months. I don’t know if the resistance is because of the niche I’ve chosen, fear of trying, resistance to a bit of hard work or my intuition showing me it isn’t quite right. I trained as a coach to work with people one to one, yet I’m not enjoying my one to one work. Spending a lot of time in the online coaching world has made me very cynical as well, and I’m feeling drawn towards other things.

As I said above, I’m really enjoying my writing right now. I want to start bringing more of myself to this, not just writing ‘how to’ articles. Writing about relationships and sharing more openly about some of the challenges I’ve faced is definitely inspiring me. During this uncertain period, I’m trying to focus on what inspires me and helps me find flow. Anything that gets me out of my head right now is a welcome bonus.

Another feeling that’s been present this month is one of selfishness. Although I’m always saying putting yourself first isn’t selfish, there is a balance to it. Spending all your time only thinking of yourself isn’t beneficial in the long-term. That’s where I feel I am at the moment, spending too much time focusing on my stuff. In August I’m aiming to move back towards more balance in this respect.

What are you aiming for this August? What are your YouTube recommendations? How do you manage uncertainty?

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  1. Elaine Whittaker

    Lovely to meet with you earlier this week.
    When you try to support others and your own cup needs filling, you can end up feeling drained …perhaps you need a bit of nurturing time, time with yourself, to work out your future path. I always find meditating helps me gain clarity, whilst also being wonderfully nourishing for me too.


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