Beautifully Balanced Life April 2017

How has April been for you? Mine has been completely overwhelming. So much has happened in this month, I’m just going to dive straight into sharing it with you.

Basic Physiological Needs

These haven’t been good this month. I’ve had a problem with knee pain for over 6 months now, and I’ve been waiting a long time for an appointment with a podiatrist. The knee pain has caused me to be less mobile and created more back pain, so I’ve been suffering with constant low level pain for a while now. This month it finally got to me. I feel like I’m old before my time, which certainly isn’t the way I want to feel. It’s impacting on all elements of my health now, and that needs to stop.

Thankfully my podiatrist appointment was this month, and they also referred me to physiotherapy, so I have insoles and exercises to do to help reduce the pain. Now begins the consistent daily practice of doing the exercises. Hopefully they’ll make a big difference, as I’m keen to get back to being fully mobile again.

The good thing was there has been much more downtime and relaxation this month. This has helped really with the stress levels and is something I plan to keep up! I’ve also been spending a lot of time in our garden, even working out there if it’s warm enough, and this soothes my soul a lot.

Ideal Balance Coaching Working in the Garden

Relationship Needs

Things with Dave have been great this month. We’ve both been very busy, but have made the conscious effort to go on date nights and spend time together. I love when things are going well for us as we have such great, in-depth and insightful conversations together. It’s wonderful that we can share our hopes and dreams with each other. I’ve also managed to have some lovely family time, heading back to my parent’s over Easter and going to see Bruno Mars with my sisters (which, by the way, was AMAZING.)

Friendships have definitely not been great this month. There’s been other stuff happening which I will go onto later in this post, but I’ve really noticed I’ve been much less sociable this month. I’ve not had the desire to reach out to people, or make the effort to connect. Now, although I don’t need a lot of social contact, I do try and maintain close connections with my dearest friends, so it’s out of character for me to not be fussed. I have a tendency, when things aren’t going well though to retreat into my shell, and think that’s been happening.

Self-Esteem Needs

Well, this has certainly been a month of growing and learning. I’ve been really focusing on connecting to my intuition again, after too long looking outwards at what other people were doing, and saying I should be doing. And it wasn’t working. It’s put me in such a bad place. I was working so hard to try and do the business the “right way” I lost sight of doing things my way, and the way that lights me up. I was not practising what I preach in the slightest, as I wasn’t being true to me and my needs. And this week I finally said enough. I finally came back to myself, and made some difficult decision which I know will benefit me in the long term.

One of those decisions is to step away from the business for a period of time, to re-evaluate where I’m going with it. I love coaching, and really want to do it, but I’ve not been focusing on that enough, spending too much time looking at the marketing and sales side of things. This has been a huge achievement for me though, because I am able to see this as a good learning rather than a failure. Once upon a time I would’ve thought this proved that I wasn’t capable of doing it, that I was the one who was wrong and that I was a complete failure. Now I just see it as a chance to pivot, to try something new and see how that works.

Although it’s been a great learning, it’s definitely taken it’s toll on me. As I said in the Physiological Needs section, I’m suffering with a lot of pain at the moment, and I’m not feeling very well in myself, so I need to focus on that for the moment.  I’m sure now I’ve lifted the weight of the business stuff off my plate that will make a big difference to my pain and energy levels.

On a more positive note I got my hair done, which for me is a great act of self-care, as I love having it done, and I’m loving my new colour.

Ideal Balance Coaching New Hair

Higher Purpose Needs

This month has been a shocking realisation how far removed I got from my sense of self, and my purpose. I’d let this happen, because running an online business requires patience, and as an impulsive person I’ve been trying to give what I’m doing time to bed in. What I hadn’t been doing though was listening to my gut. I truly believe giving a business time doesn’t need to feel as difficult as it has for me, and I’m excited to find the way of working it that feels less like pushing a big boulder uphill!

This will definitely involve offering a lot more value to the people out there that are connected to what I do, and building more real relationships first. I’m looking forward to both these prospects. Adding value is something that has been coming up again and again for me this month. I was introduced to Kimra Luna this month, and I love everything she’s doing. Definitely go find her Stella Leader Show on YouTube, especially the one with JP Sears, which is so worth the watch. Kimra and JP are big both advocates of adding value. I found myself nodding along to everything they said during the chat, and it’s something I’m definitely moving forward with.

My Goals

Have more consistency in my business, having a plan and outcomes, more clients, more one to one coaching.

Well since April 2017 will be the month I threw the towel in on my business I’m not sure what will happen with this! I mean I’ve not fully thrown in the towel, but I’m not sure what the new direction will look like, so not sure if this goal will need to change.

Feel light yet strong in my body, completing strength training sessions twice a week and a stretching session once a week minimum. I will be a dress size 12. I will feel confident in my body and strength.

The knee pain has made this one pretty bloody hard. For now, I’ll be focusing on stretching, my physiotherapy exercises and gentle cardio. It sounds like this one needs a review as well!

Find more activities that bring me joy, through trying new things/reconnecting with activities.

This month I finally completed March’s activity of planting my veg seeds. The chard and beetroot are now planted in our new veg patch and I’m just awaiting the courgette seeds to sprout. A new activity for this month was planting actual flowers. I’ve never had my own garden so I’ve never bothered with flowers, but now we have our own garden I decided it was time to experiment with this. Unfortunately the area I though would be a great flower bed ended up being full of big bits of brick and concrete, making impossible to turn over. So we bought some pots and planted the plants there instead. I’m looking forward to seeing how they grow.

Ideal Balance Coaching Flower Pots

I also managed to have a horse riding lesson this month. After over 6 months off it’s been a long time coming. I’ve missed riding so much, and it was great to be back on a horse. The best part was no knee pain during the lesson, which was the reason I stopped in the first place. I’m going to take it slow and build back up, but that was a hopeful start.

More quality time with Dave, regular date nights, make time to be intimate and go on 4 holidays together.

We’ve managed to have an impressive amount of quality time together this month, considering my poor hubby has been working loooong days and weekend this month. We’ve been out for a couple of date nights and have our second holiday booked for May, which I’m super excited for. This one continues to go well.

Decorate the house.

Still no decorating. Still too busy! We’ve done the garden though, so that counts for something.





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