About Ideal Balance Coaching

Are you fed up that nothing seems to be working the way you were told it would?

You’ve followed all the advice but none of it has worked. And you feel like you’ve failed.

There are so many things you should be doing and it overwhelms you.

You feel exhausted when you think about trying to fit it all in?

Do you no longer trust yourself to make the right decisions about how to move life forward? 

Hi, I’m Ruth

I want to make Ideal Balance Coaching the place to come when you want to start putting yourself first

  • Started business in 2015
  • I was passionate about helping people in a bespoke way
  • We aren’t all the same.
  • What works for me might not work for you.
  • Coaching is a great way to explore this uniqueness
  • Things were going well, I was getting positive feedback and clients we’re slowly coming through
  • Moved to a completely new location. At this point business slowed right down.
  • Feeling the pressure to make this work (I’d stopped my other job as part of the move) I started looking for the answers online.
  • The internet is great for teaching you how to do things, but the downside is everyone is telling you there way is the best way to make it work.
  • I started following all the advice. I niched my business because everyone said that’s the only way to make it work. I picked relationships as it was something I was passionate about. 
  • This isn’t the only story I could tell you about what happened when I stopped putting myself first is large. 
  • We’re all susceptible to it, and the best way to reduce the impact is to have someone there telling you that it’s ok to trust yourself and follow your own heart.

My Qualifications

BSc Applied Social Psychology – University of Kent

MSc Speech and Language Therapy – University of Essex

Diploma in Transformational Coaching – Animas Centre for Coaching

Certificate in Health and Wellbeing Coaching – Animas Centre for Coaching

Certificate in Relationships Coaching – Animas Centre for Coaching

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