Relationship & Communication Coaching

Relationships are such a vital part of human existance. And yet we’re never taught what makes a relationship a good one, and often let bad ones drag us down.

I want to change this.


Hi. I’m Ruth, and I’m so pleased to have you here.

I set up Ideal Balance Coaching as I’m on a mission to improve relationships UK wide. I’ve become fed up with seeing so many people treat each other badly & put up with relationships that make you feel unloved, unspecial and unworthy.

You deserve to be loved & feel as special and worthy as I know you are. I believe there are a few core principles that take relationships from ok to amazing, and I want to share them with everyone.

These principles apply to any relationship, not just your romantic one. So, whether you’re having difficulty with your spouse, mother or colleague I can help you get clear on how you want the relationship to be and how to communicate that to the other person.

You don't have to go it alone

I understand how hard it can on your relationships when you’re going through a period of transition.

As things change and you grow, you can start to feel disconnected from your loved ones and wonder if you’ve made a huge mistake.

I’ve been there and know that by focusing on a few areas in your life and learning some new communication strategies you can get your relationships back on track again.

I can help you do this, and if you’d be interested to know how you can book a free session with me now.

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I found my hour-long session with Ruth incredibly helpful. Through talking to her, I realised how rare it is that we get the opportunity to discuss the finer points of our closest relationships with someone who is non-partisan and non-judgemental. She gave me the space I needed to get all of my frustrations and concerns out in the open and she responded with calm kindness and advice. She encouraged me to view my relationship in a way in which I hadn’t done before and through doing this, she was also able to guide me towards actions I might take to smooth out future issues and stumbling blocks. I can’t recommend Ruth highly enough!


I was able to talk through issues that felt overwhelming and see things in a different way. Just changing one small way in which I looked at things meant that I was able to change my perspective and start working towards my goals.

Ruth is a great coach. She got me thinking about and articulating what my values and goals are. I think we all come to a point in our lives where we are not sure about what direction we would like to take. Just talking with someone who is unbiased and can ask questions to get you thinking is a really useful way to clarify your thoughts and get you headed in the right direction.


Thank you very much for your time which you took to listen to me. Your impartial view and seeing things from the outside has really helped me work out the root causes of my communication issues both at home and work. Not only were you able to make some practical suggestions but you also worked out that perhaps the issues were not stemming from where I thought they were! That’s fundamental to making change. I now feel more in control and happier with work and home life.


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